The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2627 mile long foot path connecting Mexico to Canada through the states of California, Oregon, and Washington. It travels though six out of seven of North America's ecozones in several of the West's most amazing State and National Parks, National Forests, and Wilderness areas. It was disignated as a National Scenic Trail in the 1970's and officially completed in the 1993.

Many people enjoy short hikes and backpacking trips along the trail, but every year about 300 people attempt to walk the entire length as one trip. It's an amazing experience that truely helps you appreciate both this countries' amazing natural wonders and the generous people who live here. There are great resources on the web about the trail including the Pacific Crest Trail Association, where you can find out everything about the trail. We made out first trip along the trail iin 2002 and and mannaged to get about 2000 of those miles under our feet. Everybody hikes their own hike and there are many ways to succesfully enjoy the PCT or any other trail. We chose to backpack the trail as ultralight as we could and are happy to share what little wisdom we gained about gear, backpacking, and going light in general with anybody interested in similar endevors. We've also decided to post our journal from the trail which includes many pictures worth a look if you've got the time.

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