Christy and I both had the privilege of being raised in rural Kansas, but after college we headed off to find adventure elsewhere. After several years of transient life conducting fish and wildlife studies and teaching environmental education, we found ourselves longing for the grassy hills of Kansas once again. With our first son on the way, we headed back to Kansas in 2006 and began working toward our farm dreams.

After 3 years micro farming in town our waiting paid off and we located a wonderful farm tucked between the Kansas River and the Konza Prairie Biological Station. It's been a whirl wind of work cleaning the place up and steering it in the direction we want to go but we couldn't bee happier.

It’s been an interesting road to get us to this point and we would be happy to share it with you. We started our marriage and journey with a 4 month backpacking trip from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Read about the trail, our homemade gear, and even thumb through our journal if you like by clicking the trail emblem below. Our brief autobiography including highlights and pictures from the many fish, wildlife, and teaching jobs we’ve had can also be seen by clicking here or the link below.

Pacific Crest Trail Emblem

Pacific Crest Trail

The Path To Here