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King of the cow…

Spring is offically here and we caught the kids playing a game of King of the Cow.

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Meet Marvin

Marvin has come for an extended visit with our Jersey girls.  He is a Scottish Highland bull on loan from a friend.   I think he is cute just don’t mention it in front of him. So far our girls … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day…

too all moms and our new mom here on the farm.  Rose had a little heifer calf this afternoon.  The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  That puts us at four calves all girls!  

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Lily’s calf….

Well, the wait is finally over, Lily’s calf choose this cold, snowy May day to come into the world.  She is an adorable Jersey/Highland cross.   This also means starting next week we will be taking new members for Ashland … Continue reading

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isaac’s calf

i got a new calf.   her name is cookie.  she drinks a whole bottle of milk twice a day.  i brush her white and black fur. ISAAC

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Fall Calves…

Our neighbors cows have started to calf.  It seems like every day Patrick and Isaac come in from helping them with their chores and tell me about a new baby calf that was just born.  I enjoy watching them run … Continue reading

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Honey’s Calf…

Well, we had a surprise this morning when we got to the barn to begin chores.   Honey had a little bull calf last night.  He is doing great walking around and very hungry.  We are bottle feeding this little guy, … Continue reading

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Fall Calving…

Our neighbors herd of Herefords have started to calf.  I love seeing all the new little ones running around the pasture.  The heifers having their first calves are in the pasture right next to the barn, so we are close if … Continue reading

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Halter training Lily….

We are beginning to halter train Lily,  so she is separated from the other cows for now.  We have a rope halter on her and will be spending time with her everyday brushing and petting her.  Eventually we will start … Continue reading

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Jersey Milk Cows

I thought I would introduce you to our three girls.  We have Jersey’s, which I think are about the cutiest cows followed closely by Highlands.  Highlands are on the want to get list so maybe someday. Honey is the first … Continue reading

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