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Konza Prairie

We went for a drive on the prairie looking for the bison calves.  I didn’t get any good pictures of the calves as they were all on a far hill or laying down.  We will have to try again soon.    

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We live in the valley along the Kansas River, known as Ashland Bottoms. The town of Ashland no longer exists, but the community very much does.  The school house is now our community building and next door is the Ashland Community … Continue reading

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What a long week.

This week started out beautiful and than we got some much needed rain, about 2.5 inches.  The garden and fruit tree now have a smile. And while it has pouring outside I was selected to be a jury for a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Day

This as been a beautiful Monday.  We have the cows in the back pasture though the walnut gate.  The walnut gate is just two walnut trees spaced close together, but it works.  So before and after each milking we walk … Continue reading

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Farmers’ Market

We had a beautiful morning for the farmers’ market today. Partly cloudy, warm and best of all no wind.  Lots of vendors at the market, all the stalls were filled. We also had a good crowd come though and shop.  I sold green … Continue reading

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Jersey Milk Cows

I thought I would introduce you to our three girls.  We have Jersey’s, which I think are about the cutiest cows followed closely by Highlands.  Highlands are on the want to get list so maybe someday. Honey is the first … Continue reading

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This beautiful Tuesday as been a busy one here.  This morning I made yogurt and butter.  The yogurt is still cooking as it takes 12 hours, but the butter is in the refrigerator awaiting some fresh biscuits or bread.  Then … Continue reading

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Farm Store

We have started working on turning the wash house into our farm store.  The to do list  includes: new electric box, new wiring and outlets, new light fixture,  priming and painting the ceiling, walls and floor, patching the floor and … Continue reading

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It is Friday!

And what a cold and blustery day it has been.  Fridays are always spent getting ready for the farmers market.  So I picked lettuce, green garlic, and iris.  I also will have all of my lotions, soaps, and lip balms.  … Continue reading

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Mozzarella Cheese

On this cool and cloudy morning, Isaac and I decided to make another batch of cheese. It turned out great.  With seven gallons of milk in the refrigerator right now I think I will be making a lot of cheese … Continue reading

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