Old Man Frost….

We dropped down to 26 degrees over the weekend so I was  scrambling to get things picked out of the garden or mulched and protected.  As it always seems to happen we get one cold snap that puts and end to the tomatoes and peppers and then summer comes back to play for a few more weeks.  Today’s high is in the 70’s.

I picked all my tomatoes red and green with a headlamp as the sun always drops behind our hill before I’m ready for the day to end.

We also got all our sweet potatoes dug up and I harvested all my herbs.

 I have bunches of herbs, sage, rosemary, basil, oregano and others hanging to dry for use this winter.  The sweet potatoes will keep stored in the basement, but it’s all those green tomatoes that need to be preserved.  A few will be cooked or fried in various meals, but what to do with the rest.  Chow-Chow, Salsa Verda….

Any recipes or ideas?

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