Robin Song

The ground has been covered with snow for the past week and all this cold weather gets me thinking spring will be late arriving.  But if I take the time to look and listen while I’m outside signs of spring are already everywhere. Some may be still hidden under the snow but that will quickly change, I do live in Kansas after all.  Take the trees, the maples in my yard already have swollen buds just waiting to bust out in flower and the redbuds that surround the back pasture are not far behind.  My daffodils, tulips, surprise lilies, and crocus have started to peek green leaves out of the ground, if I dig down under that protective blanket of snow to find them.  But the sign of spring that has been most noticeable, even though it happen during a snow storm, are the robins migrating back north.  Hundreds of robins filled the trees in our barnyard for two days.  I got the chance to listen to this song with my morning chores.  Click on the picture below to hear a little of the song too. The guineas, chickens, and goats add their parts too.

Robin song (1)

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  1. Hey Christy – so fun to find a fellow Kansas on Mary Jane Farm!! Love your blog. I will follow you and invite you to jump over to my blog as well! We can share some Kansas fun!

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