Spring Burning…


Isaac was able to help with his first pasture burn this spring.  He told me in great detail all about the fire and how it was done (even though I was there too).  I wish I had a recording of his excited animated storytelling.

Mom, first we mowed around the pasture.  Then we checked which way the wind was blowing from.  Then we had to call the fire department to let them know we were going to burn the grass.  Mom, Mom, then my job was to clear the grass away from the wooden fence posts.  We didn’t want them to burn!


Mom!  Then we started the fire at the bottom of the pasture along the fence.  I put out the flames with my rake, Mom, so they didn’t spread to the other side of the fence.  We didn’t want to burn that grass!

DSC03298DSC03288Mom!  Then we had to light the grass on fire on the side on the pasture.  Then we had to check all the edges to make sure the fire wasn’t burning where we didn’t want it to be.DSC03293DSC03296

Mom! Mom!  Then we started the big fire (head fire) and the wind pushed it across the pasture.  There was lots of smoke.DSC03309 DSC03310

Mom!  Then we watched to make sure the fire burned itself out.  And the black grass, Mom, it made my legs all black!DSC03319DSC03320

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  1. Grandma says:

    Oh my! What an experience for a very young farmer to have! Bet he did a good job and will do even more next time. Wish I was there. Love you both. Grandma

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