Crazy kid…

Since the first kids were born on Easter morning, we have been walking out to the barn almost every morning to find new little bundles of goat.  They are so cute and very entertaining to watch.  They love to climb and jump on everything and everyone. DSC03443

During this mornings chores Honey, our milk cow, would not let down her milk.  She is not due to calf until July, so we were trying to figure out what was going on.  We finished up with the chores and put Honey back in her corral.  I went in the goat barn to check on the kids, we had a set of triplets and twins yesterday morning.  Then I turned around and saw this…. DSC03469


Honey has adopted all the kids as her own.  And if they are tall enough to reach she is happily giving them her milk.   So the mystery has been solved.  The crazy little doeling is happily nursing from her mom and the milk cow.

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