Goats for Sale!


I love watching our herd of kiko goats they are very entertaining and lovable. Of course the goats are too curious for the own good and get into trouble occasionally, getting their heads stuck in a fence or bucket and checking out the pasture on the wrong side of the fence.  But who can say no to this face.


Do to circumstances out of our control we need to fine a new home for our goat herd.  We have 11 does 1.5-3 years old, 6 doelings, and 11 wethers from this year’s kidding.  We choose to raise are goats on pasture, with them receiving hay and alfalfa as the seasons demand.  We also supplement with organic grain when herbal treatments are needed to control parasites and treat injuries or sickness.
Doe and bucklingIf you are interested in learning more about our herd or looking at  the goats please send me an email or call.  My contact information can be found on my website www.christysfarm.org


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