Sweet Corn Harvest

We finally made it out to the corn patch this morning between rain storms. After having been in a drought for two years we are starting to make up for it here, since August 1st we have gotten around 6 inches of rain with more expected tomorrow.  Just south of us has gone from drought to flood as they received an amazing 20 inches of rain in the first seven days of August.

The boys were excited to help pick corn and had a great time loading up their toy tractor and trailer to haul the corn to the house.image

imageAll that pickin’ made them hungry, so we took a snack break. Can’t beat fresh raw corn on the cob.

imageBut we had more to pick so it was back to work.

imageimageWell, the first harvest is done. We had fresh corn for dinner and have 22 quarts in the freezer for this winter.imageimage

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  1. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for the post. I’m glad you didn’t let the drought get you down and you’re right. Nothing beats raw corn on the cob. Keep posting.

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