Meet Marvin

Marvin has come for an extended visit with our Jersey girls.  He is a Scottish Highland bull on loan from a friend.   I think he is cute just don’t mention it in front of him.


So far our girls have shown little interest but maybe within the next week or two.  Of course he is the one that will probably be doing all the chasing.  I wish Marvin good luck and lots of healthily calves come spring.DSC00026

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2 Responses to Meet Marvin

  1. Lorinda says:

    My Jersey girl, Buttermilk, would like to meet Marvin. We live in DJ’s old place by the factory. She has been tested & has a clean bill of health. We have a vet reference and proof of testing with Dr Bandel. Would you please pass my info on to your friends? My cell is 208-306-9049. I haven’t found a bull in my price range and Buttermilk delivered April 28th. I’d like to breed her again so we can milk next year. I love Highlands!! We’re in the market for a bull calf to raise for breeding. Best of luck to Marvin and your Jersey girls!!

  2. Sandra says:

    Wow, looks at those horns!!

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