Changing of the Seasons?

We have had a cold, snowy winter, but if you look closely the signs of spring are starting.  Now I have to be careful and remind myself that it is still mid-February and I can’t start planting my tomatoes outside tomorrow, even if the temps are in the 60’s. I do have lots of seedling started in the basement to help me with my spring fever.

Back to those signs of spring. The snow dunes are finally melting!
2014-02-05 09.14.53




The birds were singing so loudly during chore time I’m sure they were celebrating the warmer weather.

IMGP0019Isaac doesn’t have to wear 10 layers of clothes when hauling hay down to the cows.  He likes to count off all the layers and see how many he can put on and still move.


Hanging clothes on the clothesline is not so much of a chore, but a great excuse to go outside.

2014-02-05 09.17.16And the chickens are starting to lay eggs again.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!


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