I am always trying to plan and schedule things here on the farm or in life. From starting seeds inside to transplant out on a certain date, to planning how much of each crop to plant, trying to breed the cows and goats during a certain month so the following spring we will have babies when the grass is green, or deciding how many chicks to get this year so we will have enough eggs to sell for next year.  It seems the planning and scheduling is never ending.  Then I have a week that reminds me I’m not in charge and it is a good thing.  Things will happen when they are ready whether it is on my calender or not. This weeks surprise was Lily’s bull calf. Scheduled to arrive mid-June he made his grand entrance on May 21st.
IMG_1032And of course Honey who we were planning on calving has yet to have her calf.  So with this mix up of plans we will be out of milk for a few days while we get this guy off to a good start and a new home.IMG_1029IMG_1033IMG_1037

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  1. Grandma says:

    Love your stories about scheduling and farming. I just wish I was there or close enough to help. Also wish I was able to do that. Keep on with you great job and keep everyone informed. Love you, Grandma

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