Finally, What we have been waiting all summer for….

As the Dog Days of Summer become a distance memory and the return of school lessons is replacing time once spent in the garden, Honey finally delivered her long awaited calf.  We have been expecting this calf since the beginning of June.  Obviously, the official cow calender keeper got the dates written down wrong, since June 1 and August 27 are not close together.

2014-08-27 08.35.18Honey came in the barn this morning for milking acting completely fine showing no signs of what was to come.  After getting her morning treat and a good rub down headed back out to the pasture.  Thirty minutes later from the kitchen window we spy two little hoofs making their first appearance and not ten minutes after that she was cleaning off her calf.  Don’t we all wish giving birth was that easy.  After another 20 minutes the little bull calf was up and nursing.  With this wonderful surprise this morning, we will be short on milk in the Wash House, while we get this little guy off to a good start and his new home.2014-08-27 08.35.08-2 2014-08-27 08.32.08

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